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week 52 (art)


so my new years resolutions for this include:
give time for my REAL friends
give time for people in general

~continue the art per week project. it's really got my brain working, and i really like having something to look forward to doing each week, even though some of it's halfassed.
~start the mars-a-day photo set. (the link above is just a preview--they will not be included in the weekly art project). they don't have to be fancy, but mars has to be in it. preferably wherever i go that's a "new" place.
~write a chapter a week. i wanna be more realistic, but that's actually not bad.
~write/record at least four songs
~have complete ideas for these dance pieces/work with people. at least have the music and concepts down for each of them.
~study japanese and korean
~don't drink so damn much...
(that should be more of a given than a new years resolution)

an actual hump day post

dammit i'm actually really exhausted. who knew my last week would take this much of a toll on me it's not even funny!!

i was gonna talk about the details, but i'm not. i just need friday to hurry the fuck up! the only thing making me actually happy in the middle of the week are these hobbit tickets that are burning a hole in my wallet! good people + peter jackson + tolkien = MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS GOTDAMMIT!!

i am both exhausted and restless once again. something creative wants to pop out, but i dont know what it is, and i don't have the stones to actually watch it happen... and i have a lot of things i want to happen!

if star would get back to me, i actually have a chance to do something for january's etc showcase, and have something to show everyone. yes, i'm doing a burlesque in a week's time, but i really don't want the first thing people see is my tits swinging all over the place...

also think i may have a sti again... but i dont have the money to pay for a check up...

oh here we go again...

more shit i need to write out again... while i listen to linkin parkCollapse )

on the plus side of me being completely depressed about yesterday, Corey did come to see me dance, so i met my quota of one, even though he had to leave early (easily forgiven).

he sent me a text before he jet:

"You are an amazing artist, Ren! That was awesome. I have to jet but looking for to catching up and hearing how you felt about the performance. -C"

i need to keep looking at that, because there's too much negative shit weighing me down, i need something/someone good in my life (that statement needs to be toned down).

i hope we can actually be decent friends without me ruining it. can't wait to hang out with him again :)
although i probably should cap all this talk considering he has a girlfriend. like i said, me (involuntarily) being the other woman without even trying all the time, i'm not used to having a guy friend.

except my brother...
and i think i'm having psychological problems there (dreams... not getting into it)...
should i see a therapist?
that's probably a yes...
can i afford it?
just no...

week 36 (art)


did this in commemoration of Philly Phantasy's opening run last year. also, it's my brother's birthday.

i might color it... because of the hair it's asking for color...

also to update, i still have RJ's number. i did call it the last night i saw him (and got rid of it i had hoped) and ryan confirmed it by plastering it on facebook. tried calling him twice in the day, no response, texted him once, and that was it.

and as per usual, that made me depressed.

did call buu, and we talked for about an hour +. that actually saved me from making even more of a mistake.

also went to vuthy and brandi's birthday bash thingy. it was really fun :)


had a dream with Danny Pudi in it. either i was a princess and he was my servant who was like a secret ally, or we got it on later in the dream (perhaps both). hmm... luv me some pudi (sad).

Jul. 7th, 2007

Today is NANA day!

to commemorate, after listening to a buncha NANA inspired music,


Jan. 8th, 2006

Best. Blonde. Joke. EVER.

man, this had me laughin my ASS off!

May. 20th, 2005

i forgot to mention, ms smith wore my necklace i got her from new zealand last night. ^^

i just emailed my japanese teachers about the spring concert. i dont know if they will get

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